About Clock Wise Productions and Nina Froriep

Founded in 1997 by Nina Froriep, Clock Wise Productions, Inc. grew from a classic production service company, to a boutique film and video production outfit.

Servicing her growing international clientele, Nina continued to produce and direct, including an independent feature documentary, Abraham’s Children.

Today, Nina and Clock Wise are hot not just on all things video production and video marketing, but on the latest digital trends as a whole.

Nina has been blogging on trends in the media and entertainment business since 2011; consulting with independent filmmakers on their media strategies, as well as with corporate clients, on a holistic approach to integrating filmed media into their corporation’s narrative.

On always aiming for awesome: “If we want to tap into the exponentially growing need for video, we need to produce fast and cheap, and make that scalable for our customers. That’s how we will remain relevant. And ‘good enough’ is not good enough. Don’t think for a second that our work will be less than brilliant; it will be more than good enough – we will aim for awesome.”

On the power of storytelling: “We relate and learn through stories and a good story will always be at the root of all human interaction. Technology is the way through which we share and interact with these stories.

An understanding of today’s technology and upcoming trends is essential in creating immersive and interactive stories with maximum impact on audiences. The better we harness technology the better we can concentrate on content and engage more powerfully without getting lost playing with context.

As today’s storytellers spread their yarn across all platforms, we automatically traverse cultures. Keeping the target audiences’ cultural backgrounds in focus can make or break the successful arrival of an intended message.”

On the tagline, ‘Swiss by Design, Savvy by New York’: “It sums up my approach and philosophy. It plays to the notion of bringing you the best of both worlds.

I want you to feel confident that you have all you need to remedy both the unique creative challenges that come with creating video content yourself, but also that you can meet the tough business decisions that come with running your own business.

It’s a left-brain, right-brain thing. Swiss precision, punctuality, and ‘small-is-beautiful’ perfectionism on one side – New York persistence, creativity and ‘world’s your oyster’ self-reliance on the other.” 


Is it time to talk? Call: 212-343-3099 or email: nina@clockwiseproductions.com.