(Some of) Nina’s Story

NinaOn where it all started: “At age seven, I wrote and illustrated my first book. As far as I remember, the story was about a princess in distress, a knight, and a horse. A modest profit was achieved as the limited and signed edition of ten was sponsored with a parental grant and sold at fifty cents apiece. Today the book remains out of print.

Fast-forward a few decades – I’m a Content Producer, Director, Storytelling Strategist and Forward Thinker and, as of fairly recently, a Video Democratizer with my new venture Video Marketing for Small Business.”

As a storyteller, filmmaker, blogger, cross-culture coach, and small business owner, I’m interested in all things at the cross section of storytelling, media dissemination, and emerging business models – with a keen eye on cultural markers.

On her personal passions: I’m a sports-nut – the kind that goes outdoors every moment possible. I bike, hike, swim, ski (all of it – down, cross, classic, and skate), and I walk a lot – Central Park is my back yard and I know (nearly) every inch of it.

I love reading – fiction as well as non-fiction, cooking and sharing meals with friends and family. I still have very close ties to my posse in Switzerland where I was born and raised. I’ve lived in Harlem for nearly 15 years, and since April 2011 I’m a proud owner of an American passport.

One day I will have a dog, but in the mean time I live vicariously through strangers’ dogs I meet in the streets of New York (Purell always at the ready).

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