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Definition Day: Clickbait

Definition DayClickbait is exactly that: A bait to make you wan to click on it, although you know it’s leading right to disappointment.

It’s the National Inquirer headline you encounter in the digital world rather than the grocery checkout line. It’s like the cookie jar in the back of your pantry, you KNOW is bad for you, but you have to go for it.

I’m sure even the most stoic of you have been baited: “See this incredible trick to loosing 30 pounds in 30 minutes”! You click on it and soon after you know you’re never losing 30 pounds, but you have waisted 30 minutes.

So my advice: Just Say No“.

Definition Day: Trolling

Definition DayTrolling is on-line bulling.

A Troll (or Internet Toll) is a person who posts inflammatory, or inappropriate content to disrupt a normal on-topic discussion in, say a newsgroup, chat room, or in the comment section of a blog. Mostly they do it for their own amusement.

As trolling is increasingly taking on a harassment it has lead to people to closing their social media accounts and worse. Also see: Shitstorm and doxing.

Definition Day: Shitstorm

Definition DayYou do not want to be the recipient of a Shitstorm, not in English-, or the German-speaking world.

Whereas a Shitstorm in German refers to an internet phenomenon exclusively, in English it has a broader and equally as unpleasant semantic field.

An English Shitstorm refers to any unpleasant situation really. A German Shitstorm is fully digital and can happen if you get doxed, and tolled. Say what? Follow the link to get THOSE explained…

Definition Day: Video Player

Definition DayA Video Player is a plug-in that allows you to play a video you have embedded in your website.

There are several plug-ins that work very well. For WordPress I use Huzzaz Video Galleries, which is free and allows for several different ways of displaying your videos if you have more than one.

For a single video I love It gives you a Short Code to embed on the WordPress page and couldn’t be any easier.  It’s also not customizable, but it will honor the YouTube (or Vimeo) settings you have established.

Definition Day: Native Video

Definition DayNative Video is video that is uploaded to or created on social networks and played in-feed, as opposed to links to videos hosted on other sites. Native video formats are specific to each social platform and are designed to maximize video engagement (i.e. number of views), discovery and distribution. The most widely used native video platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Definition Day: Live Streaming Video

Definition DayLive Streaming Video (or media) is essentially like live TV. Live refers to the fact, that it’s not pre-produced (i.e. not like a sitcom), but it’s happening right now and there, like a live sports event or concert.

Recently live video streaming apps are popping up like crazy. Check out Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, Google’s YouTube Live, and Amazon’s Twitch and I”m sure the list will grow.