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Video Content Within Context, or Why Sleeping with A Helmet Doesn’t Make Sense

We all understand the words on the page, but sometimes SHOWING drives a message home. Here a modest example:

For more words on Video Content and Context read our previous blog: Why It is Completely Irrelevant Which is More Important: Content or Context [updated with Curated Link Pack]

I’m also — for the first time — adding production facts: What I shot with, how long it took me, what it cost me…

Video Production Facts for Above Video:

  • Total Investment Summary: 4 hours, plus a few hours “content think” time, and $0
  • Camera: Shot on an iPhone 6 in selfie mode (lesser quality lens)
  • Audio: “Chair lift” scene: in-phone microphone. “Indoor” scene: Sennheiser mic (~ $200 Amazon)
  • Mount: “Chair lift” = handheld. “Indoor”: Joby mini tripod
  • Total shoot time: ~ 30 mins: Chair lift scene 3 mins (fingers froze ;-)). Indoor scene about 30 mins with prep and shoot.
  • Edit Software: Adobe Premiere CC
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop CC (templates I created beforehand)
  • Total edit & finishing time: 2 hours
  • Total upload & distribution time: 1.5 hours upload to YouTube, tagging, transcription, captioning, posting, distributing

Why It Is Completely Irrelevant Which is More Important: Content or Context [updated with Curated Link Pack]

Bill Gates famously quoted “Content is King” in 1996. Since, the quote has been altered so many times it’s hard to keep up: “Content is King and Context is God”, or “Content is King, and Context is Queen”, etc. The world has changed. In what relationship are content and context today?

Maybe it’s the Swiss in me (we love consensus so much so we have seven ministers run the country), but I think there is no need for a “one over the other” in terms of importance. Neither content nor context survives without the other. Content and context are equally as important.

Think of video marketing as a strategic board game where context drives content, and content excels within proper context.

The most amazing content goes “poof” within the wrong context, and all the context in the world can’t save bad content. Period.

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Video SEO Roundup: Curated Link Pack

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is essential for any small business owner who has an online presence. SEO is a powerful tool in targeting, attracting, and properly routing web visitors, and it can also be a rabbit hole of information overload.

Solid video-specific SEO in particular is hard to come by, so herewith a curated link list to some pretty rad Video SEO resources:

  1. Love this guide by Hubspot, because it gives you 10 great resources to start your learning.
  1. My two favorites resources from above article are: The Beginners Guide to SEO with its beautiful infographics from, …
  1. … and the very well documented and linked Google’s SEO Starter Guide.
  1. Google Analytics is the king of SEO and monitoring web traffic and chances are your website is hooked up. Here a few aspects to consider: 9 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics 5.
  1. Hands down (also) a favorite, is this great guide to tactics:24 Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing. I got lost immediately in SEO-land and I to be reeled (sp?) in a few hours later!
  1. This SEO Site Checkup tool got me super excited. I compared Clock Wise to a competitor and could see where there was room for improvement and how I stacked up against my friend Paige.
  1. If you haven’t yet done some research on your all-important key words, Google’s Keyword Planner is a must. This link gives you a head’s up how to start.


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Video SEO Basics for the Uninitiated

SEO 1Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps rank and find your video. With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube very MINUTE, that comes in handy.

A higher ranking also gives you more street cred – or in this case – cyber credibility.

SEO and analytics are the math side of all things and although it might be a bit intimidating especially to the more creative types out there, it’s actually a blessing, because finally we CAN make the point that there is an actual Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes to spending money and time on video marketing! Yey. Continue reading

Video Hosting Roundup: A Curated Link Pack

Web Hosting Links:

I wrote a blog post about pros and cons when shopping for a video hosting platform in How to Decide Where to Host Your Videos. In it I focus mostly on YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

Most blogs I’ve come across, back me up on that. There two examples from reputable resources: GoDaddy: Video hosting shootout and Digital Brew: Choose The Best Video Hosting Sites for Your Business.

There are certainly many other hosting solutions, but I wouldn’t play around with trying out the ‘new kid’ on the block, until that ‘kid’ isn’t at least of legal age. The following players might be worth your attention if you feel you need customization beyond what YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia have to offer:

Social Media Hosting Links:

Since Facebook Live has taken over the conversation in 2016, Periscope is looking to keep up. Check out: You can now embed Periscope broadcasts anywhere on the web.

Remember when you host your videos natively on a social media site, you have to play by their rules. Just a few months ago, Facebook scrapped in-video links to third-party sites.

InterestedCurated Links in which video hosting platforms might be best for your business’ needs? Contact us at 212-343-3099 or, so we can see how we can guide you to video marketing success for your business.

How to Decide Where to Host Your Videos

First off a confession: the deeper I got into writing this blog post the more the plot thickened. It felt a bit like a “Who-Dunn-It” along the lines of the podcast “Serial” I just listened to (Season 1). The more you know, the more variables you introduce, the harder the decisions get. But the silver lining is, that for most of us there are some very clear advantages or disadvantages to one solution or the other.

Secondly: for those of you how are a bit fuzzy about what hosting really is and how it’s different from embedding, here a definition (also to be found – of course – in the Definition Day Resource on this website):

Uploading or Hosting a video means that you will upload videos on your site like you would upload images on your site. Embedding is a two step process where you upload a video on a third party site like YouTube, and then you copy a small bit of code that they furnish to you, and paste it into your post or page on your own site. The code is like a link that shows the actual “thing”; the “thing” being a video.

Before I get into too much detail. The one thing I walked away with is to never self-host a video on your site. Use a third party site and embed from there on your website. The reason being: Hosting platforms, such as YouTube, take your video and automatically adjust (transcode) it to where it’s being played, and with that making it fully responsive to whatever environment it happens to be in. Continue reading

How Video Plays on Social Media

If you have a brand to promote and target audience to reach beyond a 15 year old on Snapchat duking it out with his posse, video is still the best tool to get beyond the noise of everything else on social media.

Social Media

A few general pointers to heed:

  1. You want to make sure your target audience hangs where you post
  2. Make sure you hit the right tone for your business and the social media outlet you’re using
  3. Should you be so lucky and your video gets shared: Make sure it has the proper attributes to be tracked back to you and your business
  4. Before you plan your video marketing make sure you have all the tech specs and facts at hand to make your decisions wisely

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Curated Link Picks: Video on Social Media – updated (twice)