We integrate video marketing seamlessly

into your existing marketing and social media strategies

Work with us in three ways:

We Teach It | Through Workshops and One-on-One training we guide you through the video marketing cycle and make sure you have all the knowledge and tools necessary to create awesome video for your business: YES, TEACH ME!

We Fix It | We look at your current, ongoing video marketing efforts and give you feedback and guidance so you can up your video marketing game, be it as a do-it-yourselfer, or by pairing you with professional help for tasks you don’t want to do yourself: YES, SHOW ME HOW TO FIX IT!

We Do It For You | We script, shoot, edit, and host, so you can focus on sharing your story with the world: PLEASE, DO IT FOR ME!

There Are 5 Easy Steps to Video Marketing Success:

1. Strategy | Where are you in your marketing efforts and where do you need to go?

2. Storytelling | What is your story and how do you tell it best?

3. Shoot | Capture your footage

4. Edit | Cut all your different assets into a cohesive whole

5. Distribution | publish your videos. Find out what works, what doesn’t, adjust, and go back to Strategy!

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