We Teach It

We Teach It:

Through workshops and one-on-one training we guide you through the video marketing cycle and make sure you have all the knowledge and tools necessary to create awesome videos for your business. 

One-on-One Coaching

Work with us in a one-on-one coaching session for maximum impact if you favor a do-it-yourself approach, have specific questions, or want to learn new video marketing skills at an accelerated pace. Focused one-on-one coaching sessions are the most cost and time effective way to move you forward. 

Video Marketing Benchmark: 

A one-hour phone or video conferencing session: 

  • Great to get a 360-view of where you are and where you need to go with your video marketing​

Video Marketing 360 Strategy Package:

Three one-hour phone or video conferencing sessions: ideal to figuring out an overall video marketing strategy

  • Learn how to schedule and price for your video marketing
  • Have a distribution plan in place
  • Know what videos you need for which channels
  • Learn what video marketing elements are needed for successful video shooting & editing

Video Marketing & Production Package: 

Six one-hour phone or video conferencing sessions: Build on the strategy package and learn to execute!

  • Learn to tell your story effectively
  • Go through the hands-on shooting and editing of your first video
  • Learn how to setup and host your videos
  • Make sure you have all elements in place needed for successful video marketing AND video production going forward

Team Workshops

Create your own team workshops: These company and team specific workshops teach your staff, team, or volunteers how to capture great video and instantly upload to social media. This is a great resource for companies that are highly invested in social media. 

Current Workshop Topics are:

  • How to shoot and edit with your smart phone
  • How to look and sound your best on-camera
  • Storytelling for video