Jargon Defined: Talking-Head

A Talking-Head in context of a video shoot or video marketing is a shot where a person talks directly into camera as if addressing the viewer personally.

Not too long ago addressing an audience directly by any body but news anchors, journalists, documentarians, and politicians was frowned upon.

In ancient plays, the Greek chorus ran a running commentary on the proceedings by addressing the audience directly from the stage, which is referred to as “breaking the fourth wall”. A great example of which is Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards.

With the increased use of video in corporate communications, ‘talking-heads’ today are standard operating procedure addressing thkevin-spacey-underwood-netflixeir audience in keynote speeches, training sessions, and video bulletins.


How to Light a “Talking-Head” Shoot

I’ve been playing around with different lighting scenarios at my home office, mostly with available light, but also with a “home depot” DIY light kit I put together. This a screen shot of what an order for 2 lights would look like. The bulbs are “daylight” to complement a window. If you had no window […]

We’re All Talking About the “Future of…”

It’s a long video – over an hour, and it’s worth it! Tiffany Shlain is one of the, if not THE, biggest trailblazer in transmedia, cloud-sourced media, collaborative media, you name your buzzword. Here she talks about how she uses interactive filmmaking to tell stories and about the importance of collaborative media on the AT&T FutureCast. […]

Talking Cross-Walk System

As every New Yorker knows, we jay-walk, early and often. Yesterday, minding my own business and lost in thought I stood at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 23rd Street.  As I set my foot off the curb onto the street to cross – no car was coming and the color of the light was irrelevant – […]

What I Want for Christmas this Year

I want either, or… Or, I want everything of the following: Have a bald head and a Y chromosome A “make-up-done-for-you” filter in my edit software Or, an Avatar à la Gemini Man, who’s 25 years my junior and always camera-ready Oh, and since we’re at it, I also want ALL of the following: Elon […]

Vlogging – A Case Study

Remember Erica from our last blog post/email? Yes, the realtor from Brooklyn who also flips houses in the Catskills. Well, Erica took it a step further and became a VLOG client of ours as well.  The single most important thing is to be consistent with video when you are video-blogging, or vlogging, especially if you’re […]

Coaching vs. Consulting – A Case Study

We’re often just a half-step from doing something right.  Depending on what you’re doing, talking with a professional can get you to finish that half-step and take a few more. That kind of guidance can come through coaching or through consulting. The following example illustrates why I choose coaching. I used to use the terms […]

Wanted: The Perfect Client

Yet, we actually do have control over who we work with: From how we present ourselves, to our offerings, and pricing.   Doesn’t it sometimes feel like we have a sign out that says “Wanted: Any client who will help me pay the bills”?  It would never occur to me to go into a Hermes store […]


Quick Navigation The 4 Pain Points of VloggingThe Vlog TemplateHow It WorksF.A.Q. Most of the time when people want to start Vlogging, they get hung up on one of the following points: The 4 Pain Points of Vlogging​When you vlog with us we are there with you every step of the way to eliminate these pain […]