In Abraham’s Children, Naeemah Rashid talks about being nervous and excited about getting married to Mohammed – the man she’s been engaged to since she’s been 14. It’s two years later and last Friday evening Naeemah, now 19 and Mohammed 25, tied the knot (so to speak). I was fortunate to be witness the ceremony at Masjid at Taqwa in Brooklyn.

I loved hanging out with the maid of honor, Saeedah, while we waited three hours for the ceremony to start (not a Swiss affair) and chatting without a camera or an agenda. Naeemah, was nervous and excited, but positively glowing and I wish her and Mohammed a life of love, partnership and happiness, inshallah.

Saeedah & Naeemah Rashid

Tariq Rashid, Mohammed & Naeemah


Naeemah, Nina, Saeedah, brother, Malika

Naeemah – how do I look?

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