AALBC.com Backyard Screening

Saturday night was a perfect night – warm, dry and starry. Troy Johnson of the AALBC.com hosted a wonderful backyard screening in his brownstone in Harlem. The Q&A afterwards was very enlightening – a very different crowd than the one on Wednesday at Global Kids, they focused more on the filmmakers choice of kids in the film and their ethnic and social backgrounds – I enjoyed that discussion very much and it also showed me on how many different levels the film can be viewed and critiqued.
As there was no ‘escape’ during the screening I did see the film for the first time in a while in its entirety and it was mind boggling to me that I once though that every frame was necessary. There is so much I would cut out now and so much else I would like to put in. The two stories that I miss seeing the most are the more ‘street wise’ kid, maybe one that is even struggling with his/her faith and a West African Muslim.
But hindsight is always 20/20 even as we get older and need reading glasses.