Elan The Magazine, posted a review of Abraham’s Children, by Imran Khan. In anticipation of this article I’ve started reading Elan and find it totally entertaining, amusing and often thought provoking, although I couldn’t be further from their target audience – or at least: I’m definitely neither in the age-group nor in the cultural-religious group their targeting, but it crosses over beautifully. Below their mission statement and I would put a very big emphasis on “sarcastic” and actually call it irreverent. Give it a try.

elanthemag.com is a daily, online publication on global Muslim youth culture. Formerly known in print form as elan Magazine, elan offers witty, engaging, thought-provoking and sometimes sarcastic takes on the issues that matter to our fellow young, hip Muslims. In addition to daily commentary from our bloggers on topics ranging from entertainment to politics, elan includes feature articles from prominent voices within our community, round table discussions by young Muslim leaders on hot topics, photo-essays, videos, profiles, special sections like “WTFatwa” and “Policy Shift,” and much more.

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