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Video Marketing Strategy

A few years ago, as I started focusing on video marketing for small business, it all seemed crystal clear to me. There were five stages of video marketing: development, creative, pre-production, production, and post-production. Those categories were what I knew as a filmmaker.

As you can see, these five steps did not include strategy, distribution, or analytics! Since, I have come to realize, that what I knew about back then was video PRODUCTION, not video MARKETING.

Today, after years of hands-on experience, I have a clear understanding of what a small business owner needs to know to be successful at video marketing.

My focus has shifted from sharing all that I know, to sharing what clients need to know for a successful, sustainable, cost-, and time-effective video marketing strategy.

My focus has shifted from sharing all that I know, to sharing what clients need to know for a successful, sustainable, cost-, and time-effective video marketing strategy.

In this post we will go over:

  • Video Marketing Basics for Strategy
  • Why You Should Commit to Consistent & Continuous Content
  • How Your Video Marketing Strategy Revolves around Your Audience
  • What to Keep in Mind: Best Practices for Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

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DIY Video Distribution | Part 2: Social Media Channels


If you have a brand to promote and target audience to reach, video is still the best tool to get beyond the noise of everything else on social media.

And as we discussed in a previous blog post, Video Marketing strategy really begins with figuring out how and where you will distribute your videos. It should be no surprise that social media channels have become a huge part of that distribution.

If your videos live in Social Media your strategy will change – sometimes rapidly – as social media usage and rules are constantly in flux.

Previous blogs I wrote on this topic are still big-picture relevant, but the details, such as video length and format, are already helplessly outdated.

For instance, for SEO the former all-important keywords no longer hold the weight they did only a few months ago and Twitter now allows for videos 140 seconds long, where before they capped it at 60 seconds.

This means you will find yourself – most likely – re-doing, finessing, re-shooting, and re-editing the same content repeatedly as you react to channel changes, overall trends, and consumer behavior.

And you, as a small business owner, will need to pivot much more often with your content and offerings as well.

A few general pointers to heed:

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DIY Video Distribution | Part 1: The Mechanics

The Technical Mechanics: Hosting, SEO, and Analytics

Video Distribution – An Ever-Changing Game

In Video Marketing, distribution is part hands-on technical stuff and part strategy.

The technical part deals with the mechanics of getting the finished video out into the world, which is video hosting. It also deals with SEO (search engine optimization) and with analytics.

As you can see below, video marketing is a circular affair: Strategy starts with being clear on distribution channels.

You might find in your analytics that your viewers jump ship at a certain spot in one of your videos and moving things around, or supplementing your video’s content with text, or a graphic is needed so the viewer doesn’t miss the most essential information.

Whatever the data may show you, the one thing that is certain is that video is no longer that one big investment asset that stays the same for a long time.

Video today is either built for a very short consumption time frame, or in constant flux. And this is especially true for small business, and even more so, for content produced for social media.

Here is what we’ll go over in Part One:

  • What is Video Hosting?

  • Best Platforms to Host Video for Small Business

  • Why Search Engine Optimization is Important for Video Marketing

  • A Guide to What You Can Do to Optimize your Video

Let’s begin!

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Editing for DIY Video Marketing: What to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Time [Updated May 2019]

A Successful First Video Edit [Case Study]

You know that awesome feeling when you teach something and then it totally lands?

That’s how I felt when I watched this video:

Last year, I taught a class at a Bronx high school for an EDsnaps summer program run by Susanne Cappendijk. Her daughter, Lisanne, listened to my class and then went off and made this video from scratch. I love every frame of it!

Editing took her about 3 full days – which sounds about right for that amount of footage and a first time editor. She used a pre-set graphic template that iMovie offered with a school-theme (how perfect is that) and used music from a royalty-free YouTube music library recommended by her brother.

Lisanne is a fantastic example of how with a little guidance, you can create a great DIY video for your organization or business.

Lisanne is a fantastic example of how with a little guidance, you can create a great DIY video for your organization or business.

Throughout this blog post, I will provide you with what you need to know and consider when organizing your edit, choosing editing software/apps, and what to consider when you’re thinking of hiring a video editor.Here’s what we’ll go over in this blog postA

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DIY Video Shooting: Feel Comfortable Behind and in Front of the Camera

Once you’ve determined how Video Marketing fits into your overall business Strategy and determined what kind of Storytelling will best engage your target customer, it’s time to shoot your video.

This post will run down what you need to know when it comes to creating a video for your Small Business, whether you’ll be behind or in front of the camera, or both!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Choosing the Right Location for Your Shoot
  2. What Camera Should You Use for DIY Video
  3. Accessorizing for a Smart Phone Shoot
  4. How to Light a Talking Head Shoot
  5. A Bit More on Backgrounds
  6. What to Wear – or not Wear – on Camera
  7. Framing a Talking-Head Shoot
  8. Shooting a Talking-Head Video

There’s a lot of information, but I’ve broken it down into these chunks so you can feel aware and prepared going into your DIY video marketing shoot.

So let’s get started!


Looking for and finding a good spot to shoot can make or break the “quality” look and feel you may want to portray of yourself and your company.

Modeled after the steps that a location scout will go through on a professional video shoot, I’ve created this simplified checklist for finding your DIY video location shoot.

I’ll go deeper into some of the steps below (background, lighting) in this guide, but if you don’t start off with a decent location then you’ll be setting yourself up for a more difficult experience than necessary.

So, remember to ask:

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