Corporate Video

Corporate Video takes many forms. And today, more than ever we are held to the highest standards of corporate governance. This means non-disclosure agreement signed and all video content under lock and key.

Suite of Corporate Videos for Pharma Company
Client: Glenn and Glenn Productions
We had to find footage to a story board of a hang glider getting ready for his flight without revealing what he was preparing to do until takeoff.  No budget to buy stock footage and even if we did – the shots would not have matched.  So Nina called a few hang gliding schools upstate New York and found a ‘kid’ with a HD camera who, with his father, sails and shoots.  The kid got money towards a new glider and we got some great original and true to storyboard footage.

P_Hangglider_2 P_Hangglider_3 P_Hangglider_COLOR

Corporate mini-feature for IWC
Client: Condor Communications
2006 started with a bang when long-time client Condor Communications called from Switzerland with a 35 mm shoot in Boston with John Malkovich.  We shot five pages of script in one day with an awesome union crew from Boston at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.  John Malkovich was charming, a consummate professional and incredibly polite.  The shoot was not without its challenges, which kept the executive producer on the phone 12-hours straight between Los Angeles, New York and Switzerland, but the Boston production team had everything tightly under control.  In the end the client had a good time, Starbucks made insane amounts of money on our coffee consumption and the footage looked great.

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