I really, really have not wanted to write this post, but it’s time.

As I think you all know by now – I’m new to film and documentary distribution game. Making the film – which at first I thought would be the challenge, was actually the easy part. Distribution is the challenge – I spare you the unprintable thoughts I have about it.

So: what I really want to say is this: film festivals suck. So, there, I said it. Oh, no – any chances of getting into one: down the drain… Actually I should say: film festival submissions suck.  If festivals actually suck I don’t know because I’ve never been at one (not as filmmaker at leat). Envious? Definitely!

The real question here of course is: “what is wrong with Abraham’s Children“? And from my ever so slightly slanted point of view I would say: “absolutely NOTHING”. My theory, why a timely, beautifully produced film with awesome talent does not get into Film Festivals is: no sex, drugs and rock’n roll. Not a sliver of it.

Abraham’s Children is littered with fun, well spoken and behaving children that happen to be Americans and happen to be Muslim. Gosh: no terrorist, not even alcohol, teen pregnancy, drugs – just normal kids. It’s a bore, I know.

But if you watch the film you might actually learn something about Islam you didn’t know (unless of course you’re Muslim, but then you’re just checking out the competition),  and you will definitely fall in love with one of the kids if not all of them, you will laugh and you will maybe even see some of yourself in one of them and be amazed at the diversity these kids bring to the screen. So give it a try.

Support the film, buy the DVD, and tell your friends on FB, Twitter and all other social networks I’m oblivious to, about it. Host a screening and get the word out that there is this little film that shows a slice of live of Muslims in America from a normal, every-day perspective. Can you do that?

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