Every year has its highs and its lows and even the lows tend to have silver-linings. Superstorm Sandy hit hard, even if we, as a company, had no hardship. We didn’t lose power, had no property damage or major work disruptions and we are very thankful for that.

But it does hit home hard to see so many people and small to medium sized business owners and employees lose everything and see their life’s work slip from their grip in a few hours. No amount of government support and insurance money will give anybody the hard work, time, worry, planning and love back, lost when a catastrophe – man-made or natural – strikes.

We wish all of those affected by Sandy no matter how lightly or gravely the strength, perseverance and tenacity to rebuild even better and stronger than before.  And mostly we wish them the strength to see a silver-lining and be able to give thanks this Thanksgiving. 

And on a lighter note:
Photo “borrowed” from Bar Sepia Thanksgiving mail – thank you!
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