Global Kids Team, Nina and Imran (3rd from L)
Q&A after the screening
On Wednesday we had a wonderful screening and Iftar at Global Kids. The audience seemed very appreciative of the film and some of the questions during the Q&A were very thought provoking – thank you!  Global Kids raised over $300 and a I was able to sell a few copies of the film.

I want to thank Rik Panganiben, Amira Fouad and Usman Farooq and the GK team for their enthusiasm and for making the screening happen. Their blog post about the screening gives a nice overview.

Usman also shared a lovely story about the restaurant that donated the very delicious food for the Iftar and I want to share it with you – it’s in the true spirit my crew and I experienced when we were shooting the film during the month of Ramadan 2008:

I had to share this story as I am extremely touched by it.

For the movie screen of Abraham’s Children we decided to do an iftar dinner (breaking the fast for Ramadan). Rik, Amira and I walked around our local restaurants to ask for food donation for the event. 

We had some luck until we went to Chandni restaurant. I spoke to the front counter person and he gave me the owner’s phone number and said that he is a nice man so ask him. After a brief conversation with the owner, Muhammad Asharaf, he agreed to provide us with food and emphasized that to take as much as we want. I was a bit shock about this man generosity over the phone.

A day before the event I spoke to him on the phone to confirm and requested food for 40 people instead of the original 30. He again mention not to worry and order as much food as we need.

The day of movie screening we had more then enough good tasting food to go around. Filmmaker, Nina Froriep, was kind enough to offer a copy of her film and wrote a thank you letter to the owners of the restaurant […].

The next day of the screening I went to the restaurant with a thank you letter from GK and Nina; and the DVD. A calm mannered middle-age man approached me after the front counter person mentioned that he is Muhammad. I started to thank him for his generosity only to be thank twice as much in return for selecting him to provide food for our Iftar. I mentioned that everyone loved the food and how grateful we are. The next moment his eyes teared up and he humbly thanked me again for appreciating his generosity. He then proceeded to say that what we are doing is great and he saw purity in our work. Adding that God will defiantly bless us.

I wanted to share his gratitude and his well wishes to all of GK staff for the new school year. I can truly say that our purse of educating the underprivileged and misunderstood youth is very pure and it shines out of our staff. I am grateful to be part of such an organization.

Good luck to all of us for a very new and exciting school year.
Sincerely, Usman Farooq

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