Scheduling for video marketing is equally as fraught with variables as budgeting for it, and the two really go hand in hand.

The biggest misconception I encounter is, that people think that a two-minute video takes two to five minutes to shoot. No, no, no, no!For a corporate shoot with a seasoned C-level person who’s camera trained and who can either perform off the cuff, or with a teleprompter, I would allow 30 minutes to an hour of shoot time. However, that does NOT include the time to:

  1. Pick up equipment (you might or might not)
  2. Get to location
  3. Get into the building (a big factor in Manhattan: not only logistics but also security)
  4. Set up the shoot with lights, camera, prompter, make up, etc.
  5. Get the ‘talent’ into the room, adjust lights, put make up on
  6. NOW you can film the person
  7. Beak all the gear down again, pack it up, and get it out (about 1/3 of the original time setting up)
  8. Return equipment if applicable
  9. Go back where you started

You can easily see how a 30 minute shoot turns into a half- or even full-day adventure.

Add to that your creative process, planning planning the shoot, and crewing and – at the other end – editing and uploading… This is all to say: It takes a moment.  So give yourself enough time the first time around and as get more experienced the faster it goes.

To give you a reference point, herewith a production schedule I hand out to “first time” corporate video clients, so they understand the process better and where they are being asked to participate and move the ball forward.

Clock Wise SAMPLE Video Marketing SCHEDULE

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