Here the (current) Synopsis for my next film Identity and the Other:

How Swiss are Muslims living in Switzerland, how Swiss do they want to be and who decides if they are Swiss enough?

Identity and the Other explores the lives of several 2nd generation, millennial, Muslim immigrants, which represent a section of a culturally, religiously and ethnically diverse Switzerland many Swiss feel uneasy about. 

How do young Muslims in Switzerland identify themselves and how are they perceived by the Swiss majority population? What are their cultural struggles between their family traditions, expectations at work, and with friends? How do they see their future and how will being Swiss shape that future?

Do the worldwide mega trends of the economic rise of Asia and the globally growing role of religion set the stage for the growing unease with which immigrants are being met in Switzerland; especially Muslim immigrants? Identity and the Other sets out to explore and maybe answer some of these questions. 

If people are marginalized and pigeon holed into one identity, especially young people, they will face a much steeper uphill battle to join the majority population as happy, productive and contributing members of society.

Suggestions and questions are VERY welcome.

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