Z_Master Class: How to Be Your Authentic Self on Camera

In this master class you will learn how to prepare for your on-camera appearance and how to come across authentic, believable and professional. This class is limited in attendance to ensure one-on-one training in front of the camera.

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Phase 3: How to Be Your Authentic Self on Camera

Workshop Requirements

We will send you some wardrobe and makeup tips a few days before the class, should you want to get feedback from me on your specific items (not mandatory).

Workshop Outline: 

Preparation Tips will cover:

  • Who your audience is, and what your message is
  • How to prepare and be camera ready

Wardrobe & makeup tips will cover:

  • Basic tips and hacks to make you look your best on camera
  • What to look out for when preparing what to wear

On camera tips will cover:

  • How to shoot a short statement and sound authentic and believable
  • How to frame a shot
  • On-camera time to practice what you just learned
  • Professional tips and feedback for your personal best on-camera appearance

Our handout will help you remember and navigate what you learned long after the workshop.