I haven’t taken advantage of my privilege to vote via mail in Switzerland for a few years as for most votes I have too little information (or to little time to get the right information) to vote properly. But 10 days ago the Swiss citizens voted to accept a Plebiscite which would forbid the building of Minarets in Switzerland (not Mosques however). Note, that Switzerland has four minarets currently and two are planned to be built.

Embarrassingly enough the vote was accepted, with the result that the Swiss constitution now states that Minarets are not allowed to be built. That’s our system; if an initiative garners more than 100,000 signatures it has to be brought to the people. A good system when it works. I did vote, but apparently not enough like minded Swiss did.

Augmentations I’ve heard, are along the lines that Christians are not allowed to build Churches in Muslim countries either. Since when did the Swiss give a rats derriere about what was going on in other countries? And how does that argument figure in?

Once more the Swiss government has failed to manage a ‘situation’ properly. How about LEARNING about Islam and Muslims before passing judgement. And to my long winded point: watch “Abraham’s Children”; it’s a good start.

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