I watched a film last night called “Encounter Point” by Ronit Avni and the About Just Vision organization. I think the film picks up on the idea I put forward in an earlier post about co-resistance rather than co-existence. Some commenters to this earlier post had asked me if I had personal experience. And the answer to that is: yes. But not as you might imagine in a political sense or even in a public setting.

If I think of having an example of an experience with a co-existence situation that really runs emotionally deep I think we ALL answer yes to this question. Just think of ongoing discussions on a variety of topics you might have with a spouse, sibling or parent. I have a parent with whom I do not agree on many political, environmental and lifestyle issues. Do I love him any less? Of course not; I think the world of him and I know it’s mutual; we both come from a safe place. So, we engage in a respectful co-existence although we will never agree on many issues we both feel very strongly about.

When it comes to experience of respectful co-resistance it’s a bit harder and I think it’s a very fine line to walk between resistance and existence. I think where the difference is to be made (and this is only my very personal observation) is on the ‘love’ factor. Respecting someone does not mean loving them, co-resistance doesn’t mean agreeing with someone on principal, but agreeing mutually on the fact that you are not going to agree on one or several or any topics, BUT that you are respectfully disagreeing. Now you have ONE COMMON GROUND – one seed planted. Each relationship will take it from there to a different place, but it’s a beginning. Baby steps, no?

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