All this talk about trends makes me think about what I would like to see happen in the future.

I had a talk with my friend and editor of my film, Terry Katz about what the next ‘big’ thing is going to be.  He agrees with me that Big Data will continue to capture our imagination for some time to come, but he’s hot on 3D printers.  I still have to wrap my brain around that. I’m thinking of cartridges in my house that contain, glass, plastic, metals, paper, poop?  At what temperatures are these 3D printers ‘printing’ if they work with metal – how safe are they?  I can go and BUY glasses I do not need to print one each time I wish to enjoy a glass of wine.  

At any rate I want to see two old inventions finally take off: jetpacks and teleportation. I’m not even sure if teleportation is an invention or a phantasy. Its Wikipedia definition is: Teleportationis the transfer of matterfrom one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Ok, so it’s real.  According to an U.S. Air Force report from 2004 teleportation is possible in certain forms – it’s mostly a matter of obtaining the energy required. I downloaded the report and my eyes glossed over after two paragraphs (ok, one).  Here however a linkfrom a few months ago to the argument made by Frank Heile, a physicist and software engineer that teleportation is NOT possible and it’s also a bit more current.  Boo.

That leaves jetpacks.  And I want mine to launch from my 8th floor window – no need to go to the garage or bother with the side walk and it should carry me at least within the tri state area somewhere above the buildings (I have no problem circumnavigating sky scrapers – and peeking through windows) but safely below choppers.  Mine would be a convertible model with A/C and heater; and I want a seat – I do NOT want to dangle like an idiot in mid-air.  It also needs to have storage of some kind and wind shield wipers.  OK: so I’m looking for a car with wings.  There.

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