Z – One-on-One Coaching

For many small business owners, it is crucial to quickly learn what elements of video marketing can be outsourced and which tasks can be kept in-house (and we all know that "in-house" really means DIY).

Our One-on-One Coaching is all about addressing your specific needs, giving you concise and executable advice, and access to timely and curated information so you can make the right decisions for your business.

One-on-One Coaching Options:

      1. Spot-Fix
            • The Spot-Fix is perfect if you have specific issues with your video marketing and need a pro to have a look and help you figure out how to do it differently, more efficiently, or less expensive.
      2. Monthly Coaching Subscription 
          • Monthly Coaching Subscriptions are great for video marketers who are heavily invested in video and need a discerning eye on their scripts, shot materials, edits and overall concept. 

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