In filming Abraham’s Children and working in film production for over 20 years I met many wonderful people from different cultures, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, and genders – women, men and everything in-between or ‘aside of’.

I met women who cross-dress as drag kings and question their gender identities, families who lead very devout religious lives and teach their children very diligently and carefully about their traditions and beliefs. I’ve met staunch conservatives, ultra-ultra liberals and some very confused people.Do I agree with their life styles or believe systems. Some yes, some no. Some I can “see where they come from”, others “I don’t get it”, but I don’t think it’s my place to judge them or anybody else, which doesn’t mean I won’t engage in a discussion to make my opinion known and see if they would consider a change.

But these are people I know one-on-one and I’ve laughed and shared meals with them and they ALL are real people with real-life issues and maybe the only thing we agree on is that the Con Edison bill is really way out of control. And we can take it from there, maybe we find out fast that we don’t agree on much more, but you’d be surprised to find where there is common ground in the most unlikely situations.

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