This just a quick reminder that we need to step out of our comfort zone – daily! Stepping out can be on so many different fronts. I first experienced it on a regular basis when I went from smoker couch potato to marathon runner and triathlete.  Pushing the envelope seemed easy –it was part of the training plan.  What pushing the envelope also did, it made me come alive (and it was not only because I was fitter), it made me more alert and more open to other opportunities, and it reminded me of how I felt when I came to New York in 1989 – alive and open to opportunities.  So, what’s next?  As it turns out: plenty.  

We are creatures of habit and even the best habits need upending every once in a while (as long as they’re legal. The shaking of old habits that is). And most importantly we need to step out of our comfort zone with our relationships and with our careers.  Both need constant tweaking and both need a daily push out of the ordinary to stay relevant, exciting and successful.  What do you do to push YOUR envelopes and what ARE your envelopes?

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