I attended a book event this week.  My friend Salman Ahmad of Junoon fame has come out with his book, “Rock & Roll Jihad” (at Amazon) and he talked about the book and the songs that inspired his live (and the writing of the book).  As I was sitting there, in the last row, with my friend who had his nose deep in his (albeit new) touch screen PDA (at least not an iPhone) and me clutching my BlackBerry – lest I let go and not feel it vibrate when that next (junk) e-mail comes in. It struck me how Salman kept talking about defining moments in his life and how they changed him, touched him, how his boat was rocked. The next morning on an ice cold stroll through Central Park it hit me that in order to have your boat rocked you need to maybe NOT be holding on to your PDA, have your nose in a website and be staring at a screen when interacting with your friends. Maybe the strike misses you if you don’t let it find you and how can you let it ‘in’ if you’re buried in your lives’ details – electronic or other.

When was the last time your boat was rocked? What rocked it? What changed? Tell me once you’re done with that tweet.

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