Most of the time when people want to start Vlogging, they get hung up on one of the following points: 

The 4 Pain Points of Vlogging

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When you vlog with us we are there with you every step of the way to eliminate these pain points before they arise. 

  • We make sure your video set up is professional and high quality
  • We help you write or repurpose your content so that you have an engaging script. 
  • We coach you from the sidelines as you perform so you know your performance is strong and compelling
  • We walk you through best practices for hosting your vlog. Once your video is complete, people will be able to find it, watch it, and share it with ease.

The Vlog Template

A Custom Vlog Template

What about all that other stuff going on in the video? 

You may have noticed our videos above weren't just Robin talking to the camera. The video was framed by our vlog template which includes: 

  • The Logo Bug (top right corner)
  • Subtitles (80% of online video is viewed without sound)
  • Title Card
  • Name & Title Graphic
  • Keyword Inserts
  • Progress Bar
  • End Graphic / Call To Action (not featured above)

How It Works

Ok, So This is All Pretty Cool, How Does it Work? 

Glad you asked!

The rest of this page is all about you getting clear about the nitty gritty details so when you order your videos you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.  


We have two different template formats for you to choose from.

Horizontal (default template): 

This format works best for Websites, Facebook, & YouTube. If one (or several) of these are going to be your primary distribution method, we recommend a Horizontal Format.

Square (Insta-friendly) If you choose this option you must purchase a custom template:

The primary reason to choose a Square format is if Instagram is going to be one of your distribution methods. Square videos can also be hosted on Websites, Facebook, & YouTube but tend to suffer aesthetically. If you're posting on Instagram however, Square is a must. 


This is where the vlog template really comes into play. We will customize a template for you so that it's inline with your branding. This includes:

  • Custom Color 
  • Logo
  • Name & Title Graphics
  • End Graphic / Call to Action

Other than that, key things to think about in terms of vlog branding take place while you're filming:

  • Where you're shooting (what colors are in the background)
  • Who is speaking
  • Wardrobe choices
  • etc . . .

These are all elements we'll go over with you during the 'set up' phase. 


Our pricing for vlog editing is tied to videos that do not exceed two & a half minutes.

Our time limit of two & a half minutes is also tied to our vlog best practices. Today's viewers have a short attention span, if you want them to listen to what you have to say then keep it short! 

If you need a vlog, or a vlog-style video, that exceeds this time-limit we're happy to edit it for you, just reach out to us directly and we'll get you a custom quote.


You are the expert, we will just help you define what you should be talking about and what should be going into one vlog.


Set Up: As soon as you checkout you’ll be sent an email to schedule your on-boarding meeting. Completing the set up is largely dependent on your schedule and the time you have, and we aim to complete the full set up within the first two weeks after purchase.

Editing: Once we receive the raw footage from you, we will return the edited vlog to you within 3-5 business days. 

If you’re in need of a rush service please contact us directly here.


What are vlog templates?

Merriam-Webster defines template as ‘something that         establishes or serves as a pattern’. 

Our vlog templates are edited graphic frameworks that provide consistent visuals for your vlog. Their primary function is to assist with visual branding and exposition.

Why do I need subtitles, won't people be listening to me? 

88% of online videos are watched without sound. If you don't have subtitles, chances are you're our audience will move on to the next video within seconds. 

Can I use B-roll

Editing B-roll is not part of our Vlog Package. We're happy to add B-roll to your vlog. Contact us for a custom quote.

How much do I have to invest in equipment?

Zero Dollars (or Euros, or Swiss Francs, or Canadian Dollars). 

Seriously, we want you to focus on content and setting up a shoot properly. Your smart phone, a few books to prop it up, and a quiet and well-light room will do the trick.

If you're interested in investing in professional video equipment we are happy to provide you with recommendations.

Do you do revisions? 

Yes. There will be two steps, one for the template and one for the actual vlog content.

For a custom template, we'll make adjustments until you have what you want.

For the content of the actual vlog we are happy to make edit adjustments twice.