We Teach It

Done With You: 

Through on-line coaching, workshops and one-on-one training we guide you through the video marketing cycle and make sure you have all the knowledge and tools necessary to create awesome videos for your business. 

We're constantly evolving as our customer's needs are changing.  We offer: 

One-on-One Coaching

Work with Nina on one-on-one coaching session for maximum impact if you favor a do-it-yourself approach, have specific questions, or want to learn new video marketing skills at an accelerated pace. Focused one-on-one coaching sessions are the most cost and time effective way to move you forward. 

Check out Nina's Video Marketing Coaching Site

Team Workshops

Create your own team workshops: These company- and team-specific workshops teach your staff, team, or volunteers how to capture great video and instantly upload to social media. This is a great resource for companies that are highly invested in social media. 

Current Workshop Topics are:

  • How to shoot and edit with your smart phone
  • How to look and sound your best on-camera
  • Storytelling for video

 Juliana Marulanda 

 Founder | Scale Time 


Taking Nina’s “How to shoot and edit with your iPhone” workshop was such an eye-opener. I didn’t realize how easy making a video can be with guidance and focus on the right things. I am now able to make decisions about my video needs with confidence and can even produce some videos on my own.

 Julie Chan 

 Founder | Being My Purpose 


I took Nina's Video Marketing workshop for DIYers. Her insights and the supportive environment she created helped me learn the basics about developing my own videos. The biggest step was getting over the fear of being in front of the camera!

 Danni Gomez 

 Founder | Creative Dental Connections 


I highly recommend the DIY workshop! It has helped me be more independent in my business and learn how easy it is to shoot and edit your own videos.