Workshops At-a-Glance

On select dates we offer in-person master classes with Nina in Manhattan.

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Master Class Topics are: 

  • Learn How to Shoot and Edit With Your Smart Phone 
  • Find Your Voice: Storytelling through Video
  • Discover Your Authentic On-Camera Personality

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Workshops in detail:

How to Shoot & Edit with Your Smartphone

Workshop Requirements

Requirements: Smartphone with video capacity, microphone, and enough memory to shoot a few minutes of video. Password to your AppleStore or Google Play account.

Workshop Outline: 

Creative & Marketing will cover:

  • Who your audience is, what your message is
  • Your video marketing strategy including budgeting for it
  • What assets you need to prepare for your video
  • How to prepare for your shoot

Shooting will cover:

  • ​What equipment to buy (if any) and hands-on equipment handling
  • What to look for when choosing a location to shoot at
  • How to shoot a statement with your smart phone and look great
  • Hands-on shoot time! 
  • Review what you shot

Edit & Distribution will cover:

  • Trim your statement with an app on your phone
  • How to put text onto your video
  • How to upload your clip
  • Do's and do not's of video hosting 
  • Uploading to YouTube and what to do for search engine optimization

It’s a packed schedule that will give you a comprehensive overview of all aspects of video marketing and video production. Handouts will feature some great resources, and help you remember and navigate what you learned long after the workshop.

Find Your Voice: Storytelling Through Video

This is an intense 'think tank' workshop that focuses on how you can tell your story best on video and how it will tie-in with your overall marketing concept.

Workshop Requirements

Your favorite writing tool and a clear(ed) mind.

Workshop Outline: 

  • Who your audience is and what your message is
  • Which customer touch points you should be targeting
  • Your video marketing strategy
  • ​Workshop a video format that works best for your story
  • Workshop a short script or statement
  • Workshop all assets that need to go into your video

Handouts will feature some great resources, and help you remember and navigate what you learned and worked on long after the workshop.

Discover Your Authentic On-Camera Personality

In this very hands-on workshop you will get a sense of how you come across on-camera and learn how you can harness your unique persona for video.

Workshop Requirements

We will send you some wardrobe and makeup tips a few days before the class, should you want to get feedback from me on your specific items (not mandatory).

Workshop Outline: 

Preparation Tips will cover:

  • Who your audience is, and what your message is
  • How to prepare and be camera ready

Wardrobe & makeup tips will cover:

  • Basic tips and hacks to make you look your best on camera
  • What to look out for when preparing what to wear

On camera tips will cover:

  • How to shoot a short statement and sound authentic and believable
  • How to frame a shot and make sure YOU look your best 
  • On-camera time to practice what you discovered
  • Professional feedback and tips for your authentic on-camera appearance

 Our handouts will help you remember and navigate what you learned long after the workshop is over.