EasterBunny-1March Madness has several meanings apart from the popular American reference to some kind of baseball thing that has to do with college teams, presumably in March. To me March Madness is two things: first the mating season for rabbits (need I say more) and secondly this March for sure, a hole slate of weird ‘stuff’ – and don’t tell me that is because whichever planet is in retrograde.

Under ‘stuff’ I would file the funky weather for instance. That is, it’s been freaking cold and snow has been falling in all the wrong places, like South Jersey wants snow, really!  Dump it in Lake Placid please.

Next on my ‘stuff’ list:  MH370, the plane that disappeared, crashed, was blown up, hijacked by aliens, or swallowed by David Blaine who will spit it out in a month.  The ensuing madness of cultural “lost in translation” miscommunication, obsessive über-sharing of information of the wrong kind by the media, and the rampant conspiracy theories make it that more baffling that in our world today a plane could disappear mid-flight to never (?) be seen again.

That’s where the madness lies: in the unknown, the feeling of being out of control.  It’s the fine line where chaos, uncertainty and fear live, side by side with creativity, hope and joy.

The anguish of not knowing what happened to the airplane must be devastating for the families of those on board and my heart goes out to them.  We can only hope that it will end in joy, as thin as that hope may be.

To round up the madness of March ‘stuff’ list: the ever present uncertainty of our future, which weighs on us heavier some days than others comes last.  And, although there’s a sense of ‘out of control’ about this month I also fully realize how blessed I am in the ignorance of what my future brings and the hope and confidence that all will be good in the end (and by end I mean like next week. Recap:  sunshine, warm weather, new gigs galore and a plane found preferably with all passengers intact – just in case someone who has control over these things happens to be reading this….).

Hey, you never know – all you need is a dollar and a dream – actually: all you need is a dream (sorry, New York lottery people).

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