Z – Team & Agency Workshops

This video marketing workshop is focused on YOUR strategic goals and your teams' video marketing proficiency. And: We will work with YOUR video marketing content.

YOUR TEAM will walk out of our workshop READY to

FILM, EDIT, and UPLOAD video to YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA channels!

And, your organization will receive:

  • A customized video marketing assessment
  • A comprehensive video marketing training program based on YOUR specific learning objectives
  • Two three-hour workshops custom tailored to YOUR team's level of video marketing proficiency
  • Company specific equipment purchase recommendations
  • Company specific video marketing documentation

​Team & Agency Workshops:

Shoot, Edit, and Upload Video to Social Media - All With Your Smartphone

1.  Custom Video Marketing Assessment: Setting Benchmarks & Objectives, ~ 60 - 90 minutes

  • Video conference (or phone call) with stakeholders:
      • Set objectives for workshop and outcome
      • Look at existing video marketing resources and equipment inventory
      • Determine workshop scheduling 
  • Presentation of plan of action: Curriculum, equipment, and platform recommendations

2.  Workshop 1: Video Marketing Basics & Shooting, 3 hours

  • Content and context considerations
  • Planning for a shoot
  • Equipment handling & shooting
  • How to look good on camera
  • Shoot!
  • Full documentation of workshop materials, check lists, resources, and video samples

3.  Workshop 2: Editing & Distribution, 3 hours

  • In-phone and desktop editing
  • Edit platforms and resources
  • Uploading to YouTube, transcriptions, and closed captioning
  • Video hosting & social media
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics
  • Full documentation of workshop materials, check lists, resources, and video samples

Workshop Requirements

Smartphone with video capacity, microphone, and enough memory to shoot a few minutes of video. Password to AppleStore, or Google Play account.