A thought brought forward by Chris Brogan (link) on his daily blog on social media and business. I might use that the next time I have one of those “why does it cost so much to make a film” discussions. It’s a great analogy for a bit of a foodie.

KFC vs. Nobu, anybody?

Talking of which, the new DOUBLE DOWN? What was KFC thinking? Two deep fried chicken pieces with bacon and cheese and don’t forget, the sauce, Colonel’s sauce, oh sure. “Only” 540 calories, and more sodium than the dead sea.

Did anybody at that company listen to Michelle Obama, or watch “Supersize Me”, or “Food, Inc.” or “King Corn”, or “What’s on your Plate”….. It’s like a spit in the face of everybody who’s trying to get America off its obesity ride. It’s not the fact that the Double Down has “only” 540 calories – it’s about the message it sends and it’s all totally wrong – as far as I’m concerned.

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