Chris Brogan posted a thoughtful and thought provoking post today:  Make sure to read the comments too.

A few thoughts in random order:

I agree with Chris a 100% on “first” and “full” news, there will be no doubt a lot more immediate news that will hit us as soon as it happens. As I don’t think that most consumers will have the time, ability or inclination to verify validity of news, curation will be paramount. There is more raw data (see Wikileaks), but there is also much more possibility for misinformation.

And yes, content will be serial, shorter, interactive, on more touch points (venues), linked (data rich), mobile, and subscriber based.

Two things Chris does not address here are, first the unwillingness of the general heavy-internet users (younger generation) to pay for any content. So with the entire talk about monetization on the internet is a big question mark and a huge one not to be dismissed. I’d love to hear any thoughts about that.

And secondly, we assume that we all have access to the internet 24/7 and at broadband speed. There are entire sections of this country that have NO internet access and rely on dial-up phone lines. This creates a very dangerous vacuum. As we move more and more into a virtual world – the knowledge gap (i.e. socio-economic gab) will widen exponentially.

What is your take on this?

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