I have a list.  The list lives on my bathroom door (courtesy of Michael’s craft store and awesome pens that write on glass).  I see the list every day several times from the front as it’s meant to be read. I see the list once a day from behind as it’s not supposed to be read and I know the list by heart.

There are only seven items on the list: it’s my job list, the über-to-do-list.  One through seven: the things that generate income or might generate income, my projects, my jobs, my films, my ‘stuff’.  It’s a very diverse portfolio.  Ever since I started the list good things are happening.  Why? 

Simple: I have the list. I look at the list many times a day, …but I repeat myself.  And that’s the point. I have a tendency to get completely immersed in what I’m doing to the point of (mild, very mild) obsession.  So the list gets me back on track.  

Item #1 is my obsession du jour, Item #2: need to schedule a half day to finish reading the article. Item #3: have to follow up with client. Item #4: a quick phone call to keep the ball moving. Item #5: need to invoice.  All my balls in the air and not, as pre-shopping spree to Michael’s, two in the air and the rest collecting dust in the corner.  

ANY portfolio has to be diversified and so does mine as a small business owner and a filmmaker and a freelancer and consultant and a gym class teacher and a crazy woman.  What?  Yes, that too. I had a friend visit and I guess he couldn’t resist.  The day after his visit I realized that I had an item #8 on my list.  It read “crazy woman” and decidedly in a different hand. So, it wasn’t me sleepwalking.  I take my newest job very seriously: crazy woman, yes sir.

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  1. I love your calm and orderly approach to life. And lists. I so do not see you as a crazy woman though. Uh-uhn. Sane in a very beautiful way.

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