I watched a lovely documentary by filmmaker Jennifer Fox today, My Reincarnation.  It’s a wonderful family story against the backdrop of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.  Not only did I see a schoolmate and friend from film school at the New School, Antje, in one of the shots at the Italian ashram – what are the odds and I wish I had her last name to find her – but there was this lovely exchange between the elder Rinpoche and his grandson: “If you have a goat, you have goat problems; if you have money, you have money problems; if you have a car you have car problems”. 

At the last example, to which the young boy can relate to, his eyes light up and he says: “Yes, the car could be stolen”.  

I have blog problems; more accurately I have a time problem. I’ve been busy, so busy with production, that thinking about what to write – which takes up so much more time than the actual writing – is just not happening.  But, now I’m back and with new material in hand.  So, stay tuned, dear reader (whoever you are) and the conversation will continue.

And by the way: if you want to read about a Kickstarter success and hear from the horse’s mouth, read about Jennifer and her team’s efforts to raise $150K to finish the 22 year journey of My Reincarnation.


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