Ever wonder what happens to the Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaigns you supported? If they are of a creative nature you might have gotten a copy of the book or a down load of the film, but what about all those cool gadgets? 

Now there is a website, OUT GROW ME which is the first marketplace for successfully funded Kickstarterand IndieGoGo projects (thank you, Swiss Miss).  And I have to say, some of them are VERY cool…. I wish I had known about this link for the holiday season… but it’s never too late to give.

You can browse by price break or category.  In the under $25 bracket I found the Joey Bra. I used to spend many hours on the dance floor during my Swing Dance days, with either worries of keys and money in a handbag somewhere in a corner or with a soaking wet wardrobe claim ticket tucked into the front of my bra.  Today I could purchase a Joey Bra and tuck my iPhone into my bra too (although it might take a second person to help to put it in which opens a whole new prospect of wanted or unwanted interactions, or what happens if the phone rings? Race to the bathroom to answer in time? Take it out for each text?)… Maybe I’d rather purchase the very cool looking wooden Bluethooth 1Q Sound System– a bit more expensive but very sexy. 

Go and have a look at some of fun inventions that found an audience and might inspire you too.

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