Z_Workshop: Storytelling through Video

In this two and a half hour class we will cover the basics of video marketing and give you the tools to help you find OUR story, and how you can best tell it through video.

The workshop will be held in Manhattan. We will mail you the exact address a few days before the class:

Sign up for Monday, September 26, 2016, 6:00 - 8:00 PM - SOLD OUT


    1. Make sure you're not left out. We keep workshop class attendance low to ensure that everybody has hands-on time working with Nina.
    1. We can better prepare the workshop when we have a bit of lead time and know who's attending (yes, we "do our homework"!)
    1. Help us keep workshop prices down by singing up early, so we do not have to book meeting rooms last minute at premium pricing.

Storytelling Through Video

Workshop Requirements

Your favorite writing tool and a clear(ed) mind.

Workshop Outline: 

  • Who your audience is and what your message is
  • Which customer touch points you should be targeting
  • Your video marketing strategy
  • ​Workshop a video format that works best for your story
  • Workshop a short script or statement
  • Workshop all assets that need to go into your video
  • This is an intense 'think tank' workshop that focuses on how you can tell your story best on video and how it will tie-in with your overall marketing concept. Handouts will feature some great resources, and help you remember and navigate what you learned and worked on long after the workshop.