We all want to be our most authentic selves when we show up on social media. 

But what the heck does that even mean? Which “self” should show up?

When you start with knowing what your Video Personality™️ is, you have an awesome head start into knowing what “voice” to grow into (and not just on video!), and how you show up in the (digital) world.

Take our Quiz and find out what YOUR personality is, what your strengths and challenges are, and which video content will work best for you to grow your business with clients you love to work with.

Video Personality™ Success Stories

Olive has been in the corporate coaching business for many years. While she had a well-oiled marketing machine, her business had plateaued.  

Olive took the Video Personality Quiz and scored as a Motivator personality. We immediately set her up with a LinkedIn Live show with both solo and guest episodes. Her audience started engaging with her live AND she got tons of great micro video (guest quotes and conversation snippets) to use for her LinkedIn feed.

Within the first month of her show airing, Olive attracted two new clients she adores working with and doubled her engagement on LinkedIn.  

Connie needed to simplify her video marketing and make it an easy, consistent and turn-key tool in her digital marketing kit. 

As an accounting professional, she felt stuck making boring accounting-tip-videos for LinkedIn. We had her take the the Video Personality Quiz and she turned out to be a Storyteller. This gave Connie the confidence and “permission” to move into a video series that focused on personal and client-stories with a quick punch-line.  

With her infectious smile, quick wit, and charm the videos she now produces - all by herself in a fraction of the time and at no cost - are delightful. Equally delightful are the clients she has been hired to help since she started posting weekly videos on LinkedIn.

Matt came to us needing to re-brand an existing business he had bought from a revered industry pioneer. Matt had been told to use storytelling to talk about his new vision for the company. He started a podcast and took a storytelling course, only to quickly abandon them (but not before spending a lot of money and time on both).

Once Matt took the Video Personality Quiz he realized that he wasn’t a Storyteller at all, but an Educator (with a pinch of Entertainer).

From there all the pieces fell into place. His podcast became a ‘vlogcast’ where he got to interview intellectually fascinating people and he started an “industry disruptor” video series where he talked about his vision for solving his industries challenges.

Within weeks Matt got invited to speak at several forums that got him a new government contract and several corporate clients.

Paul wanted to pivot his coaching business to attract individual entrepreneurs. He had a huge following on LinkedIn but he didn’t know how to turn them into paying customers. He was trying and failing to adopt Motivator strategies that he saw others in his industry using.

When Paul took the Video Personality Quiz he discovered that he wasn’t a motivator, but an entertainer. So we got Paul started with a video series that showcased the different types of personas he works with. The videos were super fun, energetic, entertaining, and Paul’s engagement went through the roof.

Within a few months he got several speaking gigs in New York, and attracted [and signed] several of the clients that he wanted to work with.