I never understood the concept of Artificial Intelligence overtaking humans until the other day, when I connected two thought processes.

I’ve always maintained that my world is only as smart as I am – meaning anything beyond my smartness kind of disappears into an abyss off incomprehension. I have friends who are much smarter than me, but just HOW MUCH smarter I can’t really tell – because if I could I’d be as smart as them. Make sense?Now: if you take that thought and meld it with the idea that it only takes ONE person so build a smart machine that can duplicate or replicate or fix itself and become smarter, then we understand how it is indeed possible for machines to take over the world: in 2029 to be exact

And haven’t they already? Don’t we just really only think we’re smarter than our ‘smart’ phones? And if you think that we have an edge on emotional intelligence? Think twice. IBM’s Watson is being fed so much information it would give us lowly humans if not indigestion, then a conniption and a major brain freeze.

Ray Kurzweil, one of the world leading AI developers and futurologist, predicts that only 15 years from now there will be a convergence between humans and computers. They will take over in being the smartest person in the room – emotionally and rationally. Kurzweil maintains that computes will be able to show empathy, make jokes and even flirt; see Spike Jonze’s film “Her”.

I wonder: if I’m done being outsmarted by machines, you I pull the plug?


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