No, not talking about THOSE assets.

I’m talking about using assets you have and might not even be thinking about, that can be used for video, or even turned into a video. There’s the obvious, like your logo, but even a slide deck can become a video.Having your font name and corporate color(s) at the ready can cut production time significantly, and can be hugely helpful in deciding on wardrobe choices, background style, overall look and color scheme of your video and the graphics used throughout.

Less obvious are assets like your existing website, slide decks, photos from previous sites, or print materials, and even old video. All of this can be turned into a video, or can become part of your video marketing plan. Use it if it ties in with the rest of your marketing strategy and objectives.

My friend Joe Daly for instance uses assets from peoples existing websites and turns them into an opportunity to get clients. He uses only images from small brick-and-mortar shops and records with his own voice a voice-over entirely from copy he’s found on the shops website. It’s brilliant. Here a sample:

There are videos that are screen records with voice-over, or slide-decks with voice-over, or photos with voice-over, there’s endless options of turning your static assets into moving images. How cool will it look, meh…. But, with a solid voice-over, and a bit of music, and bit more of fantasy, you might have yourself a video before you know it.

I put together a gallery of videos on DropMark with all the different samples of videos for a quick overview.  Too many to embed here, but give it a tour. It’s worth it to get your thinking cap on on what you think suits your needs best and it might give you a new idea – and don’t forget – you can always mix and match. Check it out:  Video Marketing Styles.

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