Challenge yourself to be consistent with your video marketing content!

And what’s even better than a challenge? Doing it with other people, to have fun, learn from each other, and keep each other accountable!

With the November Video Challenge, we are introducing different levels of our signature challenge:

🥾⛺️ A Bootcamp-Level for first time participants

✅ 💡 A Mastermind-Level for repeat offenders (you know who you are) 😎

🥾⛺️ Check out the link below for details on our signature Video Challenge if you have never done one with us. And, of course – reach out to me directly with any questions!

✅ 💡If you have done our Video Challenge before and want to learn more about how to keep up consistent posting with community support: please reach out to me directly!

🤔 Where do you find consistency to pay off in your marketing❓

⤵️ Hit the comments below: GO! 💥

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