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What Not To Wear: Video Edition:

Does anybody remember the TV show What Not To Wear?

Some poor soul would be nominated by friends or family as a tragically terrible dresser, and two stylists would toss their whole wardrobe before reinventing their look, with much sass along the way.

I’m not much of a fashionista myself, and the best advice I can give to my video clients is to wear something they feel themselves in.

That said, if you DO want to up your video marketing game, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts to abide by!

DO: Wear saturated colors that suit you
DON’T: Wear black, stark white, or anything where you blend into your video background

DO: Stick to solid colors- bonus points if they match or complement your brand colors!
DON’T: Wear any small or repeating patterns, which can cause optical illusions on camera

DO: Use different accessories to change up your look when you batch produce
DON’T: Wear anything that makes a lot of noise- stacked jewelry is cute, but can create distracting sounds on film

For more info on how I use my wardrobe to further brand awareness, check out my video below

🤔 Do you have an on-camera wardrobe ❓

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