💥 Don’t let vanity get in the way of authenticity!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Juliet Clark for Promote, Profit, Publish last week.

Juliet is a fantastic interviewer because she is not afraid to dive into the psychology of promotion. In our interview, we talked a lot about how vanity can get in the way of being yourself.

These days, audiences value authenticity above all else! They want to see you being real more than you being perfect.

💄 Hate makeup? Don’t wear it!
👤 Headshot airbrushing? No need!
🤓 Wear glasses in “real” life? Keep them on (just be careful of the glare!)

The content is what keeps people coming back- your only job is to be authentically you!

⤵️Want to learn more?

🤔 How do you get ready to shoot? What feels necessary, and what is something you can do without ❓

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