Happy Summer! The dog days of summer are the perfect time to keep your video marketing knowledge growing. Below some interesting links to peruse: Some to learn “how to”, and some to see “how not to”…

  • Explainer videos have become essential teaching tools for products and services, learn why with Why You Need An Explainer Video for Your Business.

    Note: Ignore the animation reference for explainer videos: Cheap platform based animation models look, well, cheap… Focus instead on content and shooting it live. (And if you MUST have animated: go with a pro who will cut you a deal. I can help you find the right one).

  • Need some inspiration for the kind of Explainer Video you do NOT want to make? Check out Explainer Videos – The Best of the Best. I’m not being cynical: These videos are visually not appealing, slow moving, and formulaic. You can do better.

  • Now that you’re inspired, figure out what you want to say with 5 Steps to Scripting Great Microlearning Videos.

  • Need some inspiration how you want your Explainer Video to look like? Check out the websites of these 10 top companies in the US: 10 Best Explainer Video Production Firms, August 2016. Here direct links to videos (and still, I’m not a fan of animation…)
    1. http://bigdropinc.com/services/animated-videos/
    2. https://www.socialfix.com/project-attributes/video/ – my second fave
    3. http://simplestoryvideos.com/portfolio/ – my favorite

Sold on creating an Explainer Video but want help figuring out how to use your own tools to make one? Contact us at 212-343-3099 or info@clockwiseproductions.com, so we can talk about how we can guide you to the fastest video marketing success for your business.

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