Cesar Quintero_Stock_Future_DisruptTech_BlogBrian Solis, always a great resource for this blog, put together a list early 2015 looking at tech trends and disruptive trends for 2015 and 2016. As we are close to half-way through, I thought I’d go through the list again and pull out what was of interest today and for this blog. Below a curated list of 12 of the 25 original points. For the full list click here.

  1. Future of search engines lies outside of Google – people increasingly search within apps and websites, such as YouTube, Pinterest, or Amazon
  2. Messaging apps are the new Social Media. The future lies in apps like “Yo
  3. IoT (internet of things) is a mess and will evolve into the IoE (internet of everything), which probably will also be a mess
  4. Wearables will struggle to find and keep a spot in our lives
  5. Good news: Gen Z are nothing like Millennials. And Gen Z are all about mobile
  6. Cyber Security becomes ever more important
  7. Innovation is democratized thanks to crowd funding – crowd funding (also: crowd capitalization) accelerates disruption
  8. Mobile payments still in early stages but poised to skyrocket
  9. The sharing economy is really about renting and borrowing
  10. Drones! They’re coming
  11. Our privacy is gone, traded in for better customer experience and yes, security (or so they say). Younger generations use privacy as currency
  12. Webromming (on-line search that results in brick-and-mortar purchases) becomes more common over showrooming (brick & mortar browsing that results in on-line buying). Best Buy rejoice!

What are your tech trend observations of late?  Do you agree with the list above?  Anything that needs adding?  Leave a comment!

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