24 years of growth, pivots, amazingness, and some rough spots!

🎂 24 years today, on June 1st, 1997, Clock Wise Productions started official operations!

💻 Our first email hookup required me to crawl under the desk to switch out the phone jacks between my phone and my computer so I could download emails.

📇 I had a paper Rolodex and needed a “real-person” assistant to man the phones while I was out with clients, or on-location shooting. It was a different world.

👀 Watch the video for a funny story from our early days!

And, some things never change.

Like the first question I ask each client: Who is this for?

Or, in today’s speak: Who’s your client avatar 🤖?

As much as I love the ever-changing landscape of my industry, I do like to know that there are some universal truths that never change, no matter if you are producing content with a 16 mm Bolex camera, a RED, or your smartphone.

The target audience – and what you want them to do when they are finished watching – are why we do what we do!
Features, National TV commercials, documentaries, or social media “tissue” videos alike: The audience is your driver always.

I invite you to celebrate 🥳 with us and in doing so, tell us: What are some milestones that you have “glossed over”?

We’ve gone through a lot of reiterations as company during the past 24 years.

  • ✅ We rode the dot.com bubble hard and successfully, then
  • ✅ 9/11 not only hit us close to home with offices in Tribeca, but our international business went from boom to zero overnight
  • ✅ We made it through a life-altering accident I had in 2006 that left me unable to work physically for a long time
  • ✅ We reinvented ourselves in 2009 after the housing market crash that left us without viable clients
  • ✅ We pivoted from being a traditional production company to becoming video marketers in 2016
  • 💥 2018 I took on a business partner, Robin Friend Stift! (Best decision ever)!
  • 📈 We grew during the pandemic with video in high demand

Today I’m proud, thankful, and in love with my work again 💖.

🙏🏼 Thank you to all of you who have been there with me since the beginning, along the way, and now.
You are so much appreciated 💖

Let’s celebrate today with a virtual toast 🥂 🍾 to another successful year, and by the time we hit 25 we might be able to throw a physical bash! 🎉 🥳

🤔 What have your business pivots been ❓

Leave your reply in the comments below: GO 💥

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