Friends, Colleagues, Clients, Partners and Others:

Before we get completely run over by Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and a New Year, summarily known as “The Holidays”, I wanted to express my gratitude and give thanks for a great year and all that comes with “it”.

Although I’m not one to ponder much on sentimentality and prefer to look ahead, there’s always a lesson to be learned from experiences past. A moment to reflect on what we have can’t hurt either.

So here goes: I’m thankful for a great year with lots of diverse work, travel, interesting projects and new impulses and most importantly, and this is the best part about what I do, working with so many new, re-discovered and old and true people, as in: YOU!

Many years ago in an attempt to clean out my childhood room, I went through photographs of my younger years. Many trips to the cultural highlights of Europe, when I was older, America, Korea and Japan. And all along (of course), ski vacations in the Alps, boarding school with my BFF’s (not that they were called that back then), and finally my first few years in New York (Jealous? Good!).

After much fretting and the realization that no one but me would care about these photos, I tossed all of them but for two piles: the photos that I had put into albums and carefully labeled in a narrative (talk about story-worlds, guys!), and a small pile of photos of people. All the sights, vistas and cultural highlights? Out in the garbage – that’s what coffee table books and the internet are for.

So, save the people in your lives, be thankful for them (even the ones that drive you nuts once in a while, or a lot), because they make up the story-world of who you are!

Thank you all for making me who I am and I look forward to growing and learning and enjoying my life with and because all of you. Happy Holidays!

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