A few weeks back we introduced The Naked Video Series, where the only thing naked is the video!

No worries. Nothing unsavory to look at. 

"Naked" for two reasons:

REASON ONE: Every once in a while, I want to be able to sit at my computer and share an idea or tip, without having to worry about what I look like. 

I want my cake and eat it too.

I want to pull an Alicia Keys, without looking like Alicia Keys.

It bothers me that guys - seemingly - get away with a clean shirt and good content.

Why should we, who identify as women, not do the same?

REASON TWO: The videos we create for social media by enlarge are "tissue-videos": A one-use social media message.

So why spend all the extra time creating and editing graphics, closed captioning, and titles?

I get it - they are ALL important AND being a video marketer, I also know I have to hold myself to a higher standard.

How do we measure that standard though?

Are graphics part of it?

Are they really, really worth the time and effort?

The Naked Video Series might diea quick death, but I'm giving it a go!

How polished do you think your social videos need to be? Thoughts?

Hit the comments and let us know. GO!

P.S.: If you want to see how The Naked Video Series is progressing, check out this playlist!



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