The Devil is in the Details 👹

At Clock Wise, there is a word we use again and again: Consistent.

I have preached about consistency in posting for years.

And I stand by it!

Posting regularly is one of the challenges that many of my clients cite as a barrier to going all in on video marketing.

Posting consistently helps with your social metrics, and creates brand trust.

But when I started working with THE @M. Shannon Hernandez, one of the first things she said to me was: “Consistently? Sounds like a lot of work!”

Of course, she was right.

I want my clients to post consistently, but what’s the best way to get there?

The answer is creating content in a way that is easy, and most of all – FUN.

For them, for their target audience, and for me!

So as we shift towards an “open enrollment” model with our Connect + Convert Cohort here at Clock Wise, we are also shifting how we talk about it.

This restructured Cohort will teach you FUN and EASY ways to attract and convert your ideal clients.

Because working towards ease and joy goes a long way in helping us reach our goals- consistently. 😉

🤔 Has how you talk about your brand shifted recently? In what way ❓

⤵️ Let us know in the comments below: GO! 💥

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