If you live in New York you might have noticed an increasing number of dancing Salvation Army kettle bell-ringers (not sure that’s their official business title).  Gone are they days of drab and incredibly annoying bell ringing by sour looking kettle bell ringers who look frozen to a pulp.

The other day I passed by Bloomingdale’s and two young guys went to town – notwithstanding Salvation Army suit they could have passed muster in ANY club. People where crowed around them, taking pictures and many donated.  After I saw a few more kettle-bell dancers it came to me that obviously the Salvation Army was on to something.  They merged old and true with new and just enough out of the box to make an impact.

I wonder if this is a NYC phenomenon or if they dance across the entire country. A cursory romp through YouTube brings up only NYC examples. I’d also be curious to hear by how much their donations have risen at ‘dancing’ spots.

Check out the dude on the left, he’s got moves.  The Post also did a little piece on two young dancers, which might be the ones I saw.  I just love it…

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