Holy moley 😲 ! 

I’m thrilled to say that, as of today (7/15/21), we’ve released 50 episodes of the Naked Video Series! 🎉 

We’ve been churning these videos out since just before Covid landed in New York and they have been a hit. Both in terms of increasing our overall engagement on Social Media but also in Connecting us with and Converting new clients. 

The journey of learning has been real. So real that we’re going to break 2 of our rules:

➡️  ​1 topic per video

➡️  Don’t make social media videos longer than 2 minutes 😉

We thought it was fitting that for our 50th episode we share the top 5 things we’ve learned while creating the Naked Video Series. 

I’d tell you more but I think I’ll let the video speak for itself.

🤔 What are the top lessons you learned in the last year about content creation❓

⤵️ Hit the comments below: GO! 💥

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